To Dance is to Live!

NEW Acrobatic Arts lessons at Teign Valley Dance Academy!


Structured classes to develop flexibility and strength whilst learning amazing acrobatic skills.  Taught by a qualified Acrobatic Arts certified teacher.


Increase your child's confidence and self esteem during these fun, instructive and safe lessons.


Acrobatic Arts lessons motivate dancers in an artistic and creative manner.  The syllabus follows a safe and effective progression which includes elements of flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling resulting in a well balanced acrobat.  All areas are taught safely and correctly to ensure proper body health and injury prevention.   The emphasis is to develop strength and flexibility and practice basic acrobatic skills before progressing to harder acrobatic tricks.



Teign Valley Dance Academy will teach your child Acrobatic skills safely and correctly in a fully matted studio.  Join these fun and exhilarating AcroDance lessons and develop your childs artistic talents.









AcroBabes  (1/2 hour class)    £3

AcroTots   (1/2 hour class)       £4

AcroKidz  (3/4 hour class)        £5

AcroTeenz  (3/4 hour class)      £5









3.40pm  AcroBabes  






4.15    AcroMinis  (age 3 to 5)

4.45   AcroKidz   (age 6 to 11) 

5.30   AcroTeenz   (age 12+)



Classes held at Karate Academy, King Street, Newton Abbot.







Fun parent and toddler classes to develop co-ordination and dexterity in your little ones from age 18 months.  Set to motivating music, your child will have fun lessons exploring movement and balance in a bright and exhilarating environment.    The first level of AcrobaticArts is begun incorporating balance, rolling, flexibility and artistic movement. Your child will develop social interaction skills and self confidence in these enjoyable lessons.





Pre-school lessons for age 3 to 4.  Your child will gain confidence and self esteem whilst having fun in these awesome lessons.  Following a safe and structured method, your child will learn the first acrobatic dance movements whilst improving body strength and control.   Taught safely and correctly by a qualified instructor, first basic acrobatic skills are learnt such as pre-cartwheel, bridge, plank, and teddy bear rolls.  The lesson incorporates fun exercises to develop strength and flexibility.  Motivating music encourages self expression and creativity in the youngsters.





Super fun lessons for our acrobatic children aged 5 to 11.  Learn amazing Acrobatic Dance movements like the TV stars.  Lessons will work on developing body strength, control and flexibilty in preparation for more difficult acrobatic moves in higher levels.  Taught by a qualified Acrobatic Arts certified teacher in a fully matted dance studio, your child will be able to learn and practice AcroDance in a safe and secure environment.  Pupils are taught basic acrobatic skills which need to be secure before progressing to more challenging areas.  Bridge, cartwheel, handstand, cobra, box splits are some of the skills your child may learn.  Combined with artistic dance movements to creative a well balanced acrobat.  Have fun, make friends and increase self-esteem in these awesome lessons.   





AcrobaticArts lessons for ages 12+.  Learn advanced acrobatic skills such as aerials in a fun and safe environment.   Classes incorporate body conditioning and strengthening exercises and teenagers will learn about muscles as well as health and safety in movement.  Fun exercises are included to increase flexibility, strength and balance, the basis of a good acrobatic dancer.  Round off, walk overs, pop cartwheel,  handstands, aerials are some of the more advanced acrobatic moves we work towards.  Basic acrobatic skills are practiced in depth and strength and flexibility developed before safely progressing to higher levels.

Lessons develop self discipline and control as well as a high level of fitness, both physically and mentally.

Have fun and make fantastic friends in these exciting and motivating lessons.






What to wear:


Girls:    Leotard, with leggings or gymnastic shorts


Boys:   Tight t-shirt or gym leotard, with shorts or tracksuit bottoms.